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What is Autism?

AEF Schools and Autism – Autism Schools

AEF Schools for autistic kids has an alternative schools, academy and preparatory program which may fit specific students diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

As a spectrum disorder, there are no two children who manifest ASD in the same manner and therefore AEF schools may not be right for every child diagnosed with ASD. AEF Schools has specific requirements for accepting kids with autism.

  1. Must be high functioning (for Prep program)
  2. Can be low to average functioning (for academy program)
  3. Must be toilet trained
  4. Must NOT be aggressive
  5. Must understand verbal instructions and be able to communicate verbally
  6. Must NOT exhibit any behaviors which would be considered emotionally disturbed or dangerous to themselves or others.

The students diagnosed with ASD who are accepted to AEF Schools for autistic children in South Florida exhibit the following:

  • May be fixated on certain topics
  • Do not make friends or socialize appropriately
  • Do not see other perspectives
  • May have difficulty with reading comprehension or procedural math
  • May exhibit high levels of anxiety
  • Do not cope well with change
  • Have difficulty communicating
  • Do not accept responsibility
  • May exhibit developmentally delayed cognitive abilities
  • Are immature for their age

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