Alternative Education Foundation operates specialized schools, conducts research, provides professional development, and educates parents and children (Grades K-12) who are average to above average intelligence, but are not being successful in traditional schools, socially, and/or at home. AEF focuses on a specific needs population that do not require a “special needs environment” but whose needs are not being met by mainstream schools.
AEF caters to high functioning, non aggressive children and teenagers, who have underlying deficits in Cognitive, Executive Functioning, Social, and/or Life skills.

AEF caters to students or families who have children with difficulty in one or more of the following areas:
Attentive skills
Time management
Auditory processing
Visual processing
Visual memory
Part / Whole relationships
Independent work
Task analysis
Making and keeping friends
Coping with change
Dealing with anxiety
Enjoyment of school
Fitting into the family unit
Self confidence
Following directions
Minding their own business
Completing non preferred tasks
Conflict resolution