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Education charities make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school. They also provide other educational services and opportunities that help make schools more effective and more accessible to students of all backgrounds. 

  • Organizations We Support
    • List of organizations that we support.
  • Early Childhood Programs and Services
    • Include nursery schools, kindergartens, and/or other education services that provide foundation-level learning and/or literacy for children prior to entering the formal school setting.
  • Scholarship and Financial Support 
    • Organizations that financially support education, including school foundations, alumni associations, student service organizations, and booster clubs.
  • Special Education
    • Special Education organizations provide services, including placement and individualized programming, instruction, and support services, for children and youth who are gifted or have disabilities that require appropriately modified curricula, teaching methodologies, or instructional materials in order to learn
  • Adult Education Programs and Services
    • Organizations that focus on leadership and/or professional development for adults
  • Youth Education Programs and Services
    • Organizations that provide programming, classroom support, and/or instruction to school-aged students regarding a variety of disciplines
  • Education Policy and Reform
    • Promote and provide research, policy, and reform of the management of educational institutions, educational systems, and education policy