• Develop Support Groups
  • Arrange Exhibitions
  • Organize meetings and conferences
  • Educate
  • Develop Alternative School Programs
  • Promote Public Awareness.
  • Host Seminars, Training Courses, Workshops.
  • Establish and maintain or support multi-disciplinary diagnostic centers and alternative educational programs/schools for the study, research and treatment of individuals with these disorders via direct grants or scholarship programs.
  • Promote optimal methods of helping children acquire the social skills, living skills and learning skills to become well adjusted, self sufficient adults.
  • Promote, encourage, and support the preparation and continued education of professionals and other personnel to ameliorate the impact of these disorders.
  • Support educational and other facilities catering to this specific population by providing equipment, resources, value added services, training of staff members, and sponsoring staff members from around the world to work with this population.
  • Ensure that these children will thrive and that their families and communities have the resources and skills to enable them to do so.


Alternative Schools: