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Below are the most frequently asked questions for our parents.  If you have additional questions your feel should be included, please email them to [email protected]


Children who have a temperature of over 100.3 or exhibit flu like symptoms are sent home and will not be able to return without medical clearance.

Q – If a child has a temp over 100.3, do they need a COVID test or just doctor clearance

A – It will be up to a licensed pediatrician to determine whether or not a child will be allowed to return to school and under what circumstances.


Q – If my child is sent home with a fever and has to quarantine or get tested, can they attend classes remotely until they are allowed to return?

A – Yes, children sent home for safety reasons will be invited to the remote learning sessions.


Q – If my child is sent home with a fever in the afternoon but shows no signs of a fever the next morning, can they return to school without seeing a doctor?

A – No, any child sent home with a fever or flu like symptoms will NOT be allowed to return without medical clearance from a licensed pediatrician.


Q – If a household member in the house becomes positive, are parents obligated to share that information to the school?

A – We have requested that parents inform the school of any potential exposure or infection that takes place outside of the school as it may impact the school.  Failure to report this information to the school puts everyone at risk and may endanger lives.  Should the school become aware of an outside exposure that was NOT reported to the school, the student may be dismissed from the program.  The school will not disclose the personal information of anyone but will notify classmates and parents of the potential exposure.


Q – What will the school due if a parent, student, or teacher tests positive for COVID?

A – The school will follow the protocols and guidelines as set forth by the CDC, state, and local agencies.   This includes notifying all persons who may have come in contact with or been potentially exposed to the infected person.


Q – Are parents able to access the class video throughout the day?

A –Parents are NOT allowed to participate in live class sessions.  The virtual classroom is to be treated like a physical classroom.  Just as parents are NOT allowed in the physical classroom they are not allowed into the virtual classroom unless the teacher invites them.  Interrupting live sessions will result in the child being removed from the session.  Parents will be able to access the class videos once they have been archived.


Q – How often will you review protocols, as pandemic situation changes?

A- We are constantly reviewing protocols from the CDC, state, and local officials.  As the situation evolves we will determine what changes if any we will make to our procedures.  Some changes may require immediate implementation while other changes can be implemented at convenience.


Q – I signed up for my child to do the virtual learning.  Am I able to send him back to campus physically if things get better, even if is in the middle of the school year?

A – Parents will be given the opportunity to change their learning preference at the end of each quarter or semester (depending on the environment).


Q – Do you think you will be doing Terra Nova testing be done this year?

A- We will only be able to administer Terra Nova to students who are attending school in person.  Based on circumstances we also attempt to arrange times and seating for remote students to come onto campus and take their tests.  As this is only scheduled for March/April, it is too far away to plan at this point in time.


Q -Is Open House also virtual this year?

A – Yes, Open House will be virtual this year.


Q – Will the text books be sent home or are they available to be picked up?

A – All the necessary supplies will be provided during supply pickup.  This includes all the materials a student needs.  PDF’s will be emailed home or printed and sent home in place of textbooks.


Q – Will students have homework? in person and online?

A – Homework may be assigned to both in person and on line students as per AEF homework policies.


Q – Are students able to wear face shield?

A – Students may wear a face shield.  However, the shield must be worn in addition to the facemask and not instead.  Facemasks or NOT optional.  Faces shields are optional.

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